Care Never Stops When a Community Steps Up to Serve

In 1893, with a growing population, our community was in need of a genuine advance in medical care. The Seagram family came forward to offer 95 acres of land upon which a hospital could be built, but only if our community members could fully fund the cost of building the hospital before the first brick or beam was laid.

Our community rallied, and an incredible number of supporters each made modest gifts of 25 cents to 50 dollars to collectively raise $12,000 for this new hospital. Together in 1895, our predecessors built what has become Grand River Hospital out of their generosity, philanthropy and belief in each other and in this remarkable community.

Now more than 125 years later, we are counting on our community to come together once more in support of Grand River’s vision of a world class health system supporting healthier lives: one that is among the best in the world in terms of experience for the people we serve and our teams, health outcomes, and sustainability as a system.

This vision is bigger than just our hospital as we are only one of the many contributors to health care that serve our community. Our health system is interconnected, so to reach world class, every one of us will need to rise to the occasion, and our aspiration is to, once again, rally the members of our communities to bring forth much needed advances in health care, infrastructure and innovation.

Our vision may be ambitious, but when we come together, we can accomplish so much more than we ever could alone—that’s why, as a part of this goal, we aspire to create meaningful partnerships with service clubs of all kinds that are aligned with supporting our community’s health and wellness. With a shared passion for and commitment to creating positive, long-lasting change in our community, service clubs and their members are exactly the type of partners we want working alongside us as we make this vision a reality together.

We truly count on dedicated supporters like our local service club members to give their time as fundraisers, volunteers and champions for our cause, and with communities responsible for funding all of the equipment in our hospitals along with a significant portion of construction and capital costs, we each have an important role to play and a responsibility to one another to ensure the highest quality of care right here, in the places where we work and live, for everyone who needs it. Our health system ultimately impacts all of us, and we want our health system to be shaped by the people it serves so that it reflects the diversity and meets the needs of our community, not only for all of us but for all of the generations yet to come.

To get involved and learn more about how you can support our vision for a world class health system right here, led by Grand River Hospital, Grand River Hospital Foundation and our Care Never Stops Campaign, please visit our website at

Editor’s Note: The Optimist Club of Waterloo North was fortunate to have representatives from the Grand River Hospital Foundation speak at a recent dinner meeting. The work that the foundation and hospital are doing in preparing for the future are truly inspiring. In alignment with the Optimist International motto “Friend of Youth,” we would like to highlight how they care for the younger members of our community (see Please consider supporting them to make the vision a reality.