One Youth on the Street is One Too Many

See the person first – then their circumstance.

See a young person. See a fellow human being. See someone who would like a smile.

This powerful perspective was given to us by Bonnie Kropf, Fund Developer of oneROOF Youth Services at our January dinner meeting.  oneROOF Youth Services helps youth, ages 12-25, in the K-W community who find themselves living on the street.  Youth can become part of the “street culture” for a variety of reasons – escaping a dysfunctional home situation (which may involve abuse – mental, physical, sexual); financial (e.g. a parent’s job loss); mental health issues; or as a result of a poor personal decision that they have made (remember – they are just kids who have not had positive role models, guidance, support, rules and consistency from early childhood on). 

oneROOF Youth Services provides support for the youth’s essential needs (food, clothing, shelter) and what can be even more important, their emotional needs – interacting without judgement, accepting the youth for who they are as a person not their situation and letting the youth know that they are not worthless – that they matter.  Support is also provided through prevention and diversion by assisting with housing and job searches.  The oneROOF Youth Services staff meet the youth where they are at in their journey, whether it is on the street, current living arrangements or at OneROOF Youth Services.

Our club is happy to provide financial help for oneROOF and our members will strive to see the person first when we encounter a young person living on the street.

For more information about oneROOF Youth Services and how you can help support their work (financial or other items), click here.

Supporting the youth of our community.